Mixtur Craft Tonic

She is so lovely and elegant! Her supple femininity enchants and binds you to herself like magic.
She looks deep in your eyes and you are gone. Only thought in you head remaining is that will we have one more cocktail…..?
Mixtur is the first Estonian handcrafted tonic syrup and
award-winning tonic water

Just open the Mixtur bottle, mix with your favorite spirits and enjoy! If you wish, add garnish according to your taste or just take joy in pure and lovely flavor. 

Mixtur is natural to the bone and we use only natural quinine. Classic tonic flavors mix with modern and authentic flavor profile. Our tonic is light and elegant. It is charming companion to different spirits and therefore excellent ingredient to cocktails. Also enjoy Mixtur on its own as a non-alcoholic refresher.

​Mixtur brings out the uniqueness of different gins and therefore is the best choice for lovers of quality gin. It is crispy, it has well-balanced acidity and sweetness which mingles with soft bitterness.

​Mixtur is completely crap free. We do not add any artificial preservatives or colors or flavor.

If you ask us which gin goes best with Mixtur Craft Tonic, we would say that light and fresh, floral or citrussy and even herbal gins give you the best cocktails. Too alcoholic or heavy-bodied gin requires a little sweeter tonic.

Best Estonian Drink 2020 Winner in Best Other Alcohol-free Drinks category.